Still can’t believe I was a part of this!!

Tomorrowland Erica 980pixSo what exactly is Tomorrowland?

Tomorrowland is one of the sickest festivals in the world! It’s growing every year and in 2013 it reached over 180 000 attendees over the three days it took place (July 26-28). The festival has a huge range of shops, restaurants and chill out zones, its own camp, post office and of course the Church of love. Everything surrounded by green plants, huge mushrooms, rainbows and candy canes. It’s like wonderland for adults!Tomorrowland people
Bubbles 980Out of thin air I bumped into an old classmate from Norway in the Champagne queue, I haven’t seen him for 9 years! Small world.Tomorrowland Main 980Tomorrowland mix2We had camp tickets so we could enter the pre-party, but we stayed at a hotel. You know girls, shampoo, curling irons and BATHTUBS and shit. Raving three days in a row takes its toll; you want somewhere to wipe the dirt off. I love camp sites and the atmosphere of it all, but this year the weather at night was pretty bad, it made the camp into one big pile of mud where nothing was dry. Besides, coming home 4 at night, buying ice cream and hitting the bathtub is highly recommended!

Tomorrowland mainstage 980pixDay 4/4, exhausted but happy.

Tomorrowland fireworks

– It may not come to a surprise that this arrangement attracts a lot of drugs; you almost get them thrown after you. But this isn’t a major issue as long as you travel with someone who is a bit reflective; who doesn’t think accepting acid from strangers seem like such a good idea. You’ll be fine.
– If I were a girl I would travel in larger groups or join forces with some people you trust. There were times, especially at the pre party at camp that some guys were just really disgusting. Let’s just say the spike bra came in handy..

– The wonderland experience itself. I feel that at Tomorrowland the artists aren’t the main attraction, the crowd is. The way 180 000 people take off to one beat is just a must-have experience. It cannot be put into words.
– No violence tolerance. During the festival I saw one fight; it lasted the two seconds it took for the guy to raise his hand before he was put to the ground by everyone surrounding them. He was escorted quickly out of the festival area while the victim was thrown in the air and applauded. Everything is pretty straight forward; we’re here to have a good time. If you don’t get that, you’re out. To me who grew up in a tiny village where territorial cock fighting was a mandatory thing each weekend this was pretty impressive stuff.
– The unity. Again, it’s just the sense of being one big happy family. I’ve lost count of how many times I just bumped into some people and hung out with them like we were best friends without even catching their name, to get lost and find some new friends at another corner. I have so many pictures of people I don’t know on my phone!
– Dress-up! If you walk out of the hotel feeling a little overdressed or awkward, let’s just say you’ll be pretty bland at Tomorrowland. There were walking cakes, Indians, cowboys and god knows what wandering the festival and I love it!

Some clips from my phone:

The official video that pretty much wraps everything up:

This is just one of those experiences that are going to stick with me. I will be back!

I’ve been a huge prodigy fan since I was a teenager so when I heard that The Prodigy  were playing at the Jugendfest in Ålesund, there was no doubt in my mind what I was going to do that weekend! The concert was amazing and I had a really good time. Another experience crossed off my never-ending bucketlist! :D

jugendfest ålesund 2012 prodigy

I only have a few mobile pics off the concert. Hah.. The bus driver asked me if I was under 15 that day.. I’m still not sure how to react to that. What the hell! xD

Mission: Clean room!

Mangagirl dress blackmilk
Outcome: Take selfies instead..

#bmmangagirldress #Blackmilk



Some glimpses of my summer <3


Had a lovely summer day in Molde! Took my third and last hepatitis shot after the backpacker trip and went strolling at the international food festival^^

molde667Foodfestival Molde 667
foodfestival molde 2012 667moldeturnuts667moldetonje 667streets of molde 667

Ice Ice baby!

Superlett “sorbet is” som ikke er så vanvittig usunn^^
healthy icecream 667

Du trenger:
400g bringebær,
1 boks Mager Kesam
4 ss sukrinmelis
Hiv i mixeren.

sorbet is 667
..og så spiser man! :D


In April I thought it was about time to make my first order at Black Milk. I emailed them about the Lace flare pants and they only had one pair left in MY size! I got them basically for free so I’m so happy about them!
Black Milk Lace Flare Pants Kijo 700pix

Dreads: Homemade.
Rastas: Braided in the streets of Bangkok.
Shirt: Purchased on the night market in Chiang Mai.
Lace Flare Pants: Black Milk Clothing.
Shoes: Some fancy shop in Phuket.

BlackMilk Lana 667