Life Sign.

Hello World!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just dropping by to say that this blog will be revived back to life soon. It’s been a long time, I’ve moved around and landed quite neatly on a awesome apartment in Oslo with some great people. I’m leaving for new adventures the 21th of March! Can’t wait to share more stories with you! :D

Girl Turned Blue.

The other night I turned blue.. FINALLY, I colored my hair the color I’ve wanted for a whole year. No more blondie! :D

atomic turqouise 700pix
Color mix: Atomic Turquoise from Manic Panic, lagoon blue from Directions & a small section of the fringe with violet from Directions.
haiiirrr blue turqouise
Look at that, more galaxy leggings.. Green galaxies from BlackMilk.
jellyfishlegs 700pix
*Bored at the dentist* Jellyfish leggings from Blackmilk! :D

The Prodigy – Jugendfest 2012

I’ve been a huge prodigy fan since I was a teenager so when I heard that The Prodigy  were playing at the Jugendfest in Ålesund, there was no doubt in my mind what I was going to do that weekend! The concert was amazing and I had a really good time. Another experience crossed off my never-ending bucketlist! :D

jugendfest ålesund 2012 prodigy

I only have a few mobile pics off the concert. Hah.. The bus driver asked me if I was under 15 that day.. I’m still not sure how to react to that. What the hell! xD

Working Girl

I’d been in Norway for 2 days when my workplace called me up and asked me to get my ass down there asap! It was good to be back and I’ve actually missed working!Kijowoek2667
On my way home, amazing weather! <3

These are actually taken with my new Samsung Galaxy Note, can’t believe how vibrant and good these pictures are. It’s liberating to get good photos without having to drag my canon with me everywhere. Ah technology <3


My First Black Milk Piece!

In April I thought it was about time to make my first order at Black Milk. I emailed them about the Lace flare pants and they only had one pair left in MY size! I got them basically for free so I’m so happy about them!
Black Milk Lace Flare Pants Kijo 700pix

Dreads: Homemade.
Rastas: Braided in the streets of Bangkok.
Shirt: Purchased on the night market in Chiang Mai.
Lace Flare Pants: Black Milk Clothing.
Shoes: Some fancy shop in Phuket.

BlackMilk Lana 667